TO: All travel Agents in BSP
DATE: June 4th, 2018

SUBJECT: Air Berlin PLC & Co (AB-745) – Refund Application, Approval Process Completed

Dear Travel Agents,
Following onto our previous communications on this matter, we would like to inform you of the latest news of the
Air Berlin PLC & Co Ticket Refund Process.
All Refund Applications filed in Bsplink for Air Berlin PLC & Co (AB-745) tickets by travel agents worldwide were
finally reviewed by the airline.
IATA will start to process the approved Refund Applications and the settlement of these transactions will be
included in the current BSP Billing Report of each of the markets affected.
Please note that the Refund Applications that have been rejected by Air Berlin PLC & Co will include a short
explanation on the reason of the rejection. Any inquiries concerning those refunds must be addressed directly with
the airline via the following email address: Please do not hesitate to contact IATA if you
have any questions on this matter

Juan Antonio Rodriguez
Director, FDS Operations, GDC

Download des Dokuments: Update zu Air Berlin Refunds